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About us

We are a tight-knit team of seasoned software professionals. We love to help our clients create innovative products that are also reliable, efficient, and easily maintainable.

Our team has extensive experience in development of software for various domains. Examples include:

  • transactional processing, general ledger, and document flow management for banks,
  • payment processing applications,
  • design of APIs,
  • content management systems,
  • video processing,
  • IoT and home automation,
  • devops.

Our preferred development process is based on agile practices. It gives us ability to promptly react to changes in requirements, while still delivering the product at fast pace. Our commitment to continuous delivery allows us to shorten release cycle and reduce risks when delivering updates. We can also accommodate other development processes preferred by the client.

Our Services

Consulting Services

From architecture design sessions to hands-on database implementation and support, our team can help you deal with any challenges you might have, as well as help you make your infrastructure and applications future-proof.

Analysis and development

Comprehensive analysis of your business processes or your vision thereof, development based on these findings or on requirements specification, user training and support.

Legacy software modernization

We upgrade your existing software, enhance its architecture, smoothly integrate new and existing solutions, and develop safe data migration.


We help develop reliable deployment processes for your software using modern technologies, designed to accommodate both cloud and on premises deployment options.

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